Abby Janke

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Web / Mobile Developer

Hello! My name is Abby. I am a 27 year old developer and writer from Orange County, California. I love developing both web and mobile applications. I am available for hire, freelance, full-time, and contract, you can say hello via email.

COVID-19 Postal Code Tracker

During COVID-19 world wide pandemic I created a website where you are able to enter your postal code to receive updates on how many cases are within your city. This service also came with a phone number that you are able to text your postal code to call the same number and input your postal code.

Visit COVID-19 Postal Tracker

Score Raccoon

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If you are a fan of board games and find yourself playing them regularly you definatly want to check out a game called Raccoon Tycoon by Forbidden Games. The game is a family fun game but sometimes scoring can be tricky, this app helps you calculate the final score easily by selecting each card/money/commodity each player has.

Insulin Calculator

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Quick predefined calculator app for converting your carbs to insulin ratio. By entering your specific ratio of many units of insulin per grams of carbohydrates you will no longer have to enter the long math of "56 / 8 * 1.5" into a calculator or in your head. We do that for you so you can spend less time with numbers and worrying about getting it right, we do the math for you so all you have to do is type in the amount of carbs when eating and we do the rest for you.

La Habra United Methodist Preschool

Web Development and Management

This is a local volunteer project that I have been managing for over six years now for a local non-profit preschool and child care center. The website uses a large photograph of their outside playground where the kids play. It is designed to be a simple and elegant feel where information regarding their school and tuition costs are quickly readily available with their contact information easily available.


More Projects Coming Soon

I am currently working on additional web and mobile applications. If you are interested in working with me on any of these applications you may reach me view email.